Settling On The Best Mens Sunglasses For The Year

Nothing but the best sunglasses for men will do for the fashion conscious guy. The trend changes every year and it is not just the women who love to keep up. Men keep a close watch on what top fashion brands put out. Some of the best mens sunglasses for 2018 came with the potential of being keepers for a long time, irrespective of the change in trend.

Best Mens Sunglasses Brands

One of the best glasses for the year have been the Dior Homme. These come with dark grey frames and smokey lenses. The chrome details are intricate yet chic and not too in your face.

Ray Ban Sunglasses too came out with the Wayfarer, which the brand believes is the successor of its popular Club Master. This pair of glasses comes with a vintage 50’s look to it and come summer, these ones can be quite the popular shades to wear.

Georgio Armani has taken on the 80s with its rendition of a great pair of glasses. These ones are slim and they come in smokey a turquoise blue shade. While the style of the glasses is relatively timeless, this new upgrade is bound to make them last for a few more years.

Burton, over the years, seems to have done it all. They have made aviators that are quirky looking, very sporty wraparounds and even glasses that came with the classic metal frame. The one good thing about Burtons is that they have a good collection of the best sunglasses for men in every possible price range making it easy to make a choice.

Their current release is again of vintage inspiration, which has thin golden strips running from the perches across the rim of the glasses.

Settling On The Best Mens Sunglasses For The Year

Oliver Peoples is one of the more expensive brands, especially when it comes to the frame of the glasses. Despite that, when you invest in one, you are sure that you are investing in a pair that will last you a long time and will not really go out of style. Their recent release is one of classic styling and one that will keep you at the top of the fashion charts among your peers.

Jeepers Peepers also came up with a style that is a take on the 80s. For those who love that retro look, these are one pair of glasses that any guy would love to wear. The frames have a great splash of color and come in a pea green shade in plastic. All vintage buffs are going to love this addition.

And of course, you cannot miss a pick from Cutler and Gross. They are quite well known for their designs as well as their quality. It is a fact that all of their frames are handcrafted and they come in masculine tones of grey. The bridges too are made of metal and they have a certain suave air about them.

No one can possibly beat Polaroid at making the best polarized sunglasses for men. This year they launched their Equinox X4105A as well as their Fixate X41011B. Both pairs of glasses are inspired by the retro look and come with double bridges to give the glasses that added pizzazz. There is detailing at the temples too that also makes these glasses a cut above the ordinary.